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Welcome to my SCA website!


April 4 2009
I've moved and had to change ISPs, so I can no longer update my shaw pages. For now they are still present on the web, but I'm sure they will expire and dissappear eventually. If you are linked to them I hope you will change your links. As my new ISP's "personal webspace" is a useless myspace knockoff, I have been forced to move to geocities. I simply cannot afford to pay for non-ad webspace hosting as this site is purely a hobby. If you'd like to sponsor me or give me some space on your server (with ftp access please), drop me a note. Otherwise, sorry about the ads but they're here to stay.

June 8 2008
I spent my weekend cataloguing and writing about my lampworked beads. The website thus produced is pretty heavily weighted towards my early work. I was better at documenting my progress when I first started and I have not, unfortunately, had the time to do any lampwork lately.

April 2008
Major overhaul of the website. I have tried to make the colours brighter and with higher contrast for easier reading. I have also simplified the layout and trimmed a lot of content.

Feel free to give me some feedback on the changes

In other news, I am not presently active in the SCA, but if you have questions about anything on this site or require some assistance, I will be happy to help you as well as I can.

Last updated April 5, 2008

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